Customized Running Plans

Choose the plan that is right for you.


Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is a customized running plan for any distance and any level of runner that likes to work on their own. The Basic Plan consists of a single running plan to prepare you for your next race. It will take you where you are today and help you achieve your running goal at your next race.

8 Week Plan $49

12 Week Plan $79

18 Week Plan $99


Basic Plan +

Basic Plan + Consultation

Same as the Basic Plan with Text / Email consultation to adjust the plan as needed. Unforseen circumstances happen during training. This plan will help you adjust and modify the plan to help achieve success.

8 Week Plan $79

12 Week Plan $99

18 Week Plan $149

Full Year Plans

Phone / Email / Text consultations to discuss running goals for the entire year. Written plans to help achieve PRs for all races during the year. Each plan will be customized based on previous results and distances.

Full Year of Plans and Consultation $399

I will also be adding core/abs/legs videos for runners available shortly; there are now 2 available on the "Video" tab.


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